Saturday, August 17, 2019

What is the Escape Room Team

An escape room is not the type of adventure you want to embark on alone. You’re about to have 60 minutes to complete a mission and escape the room. Whether you’re with a group of coworkers for a team-building activity, with some friends for a bachelorette weekend, or with the family on vacation – beating the clock and winning the game is all about teamwork! In an escape room, everyone on your team brings something different to the table. That’s why one of the best tips for an escape room is something you can use to prepare for your escape game way before the action even starts!

The ideal team for an escape room includes people who think differently and have different strengths – some team members might even surprise you in the middle of the game since anyone can rise to the occasion and become a hero. However, most groups usually have at least these four personalities when it comes to beating an escape room: The Inspector, The Conductor, The Puzzle Master, and The Village Caller.

Every team needs a leader. The question is – who will step up? The answer for your group may surprise you! Whoever is The Conductor, this person will be able to hold tabs on the team’s progress and contextualize it within the larger story. They might shout progress reports or delegate tasks to the best person for the job!

The inspector is curious and is able to look at things from all different angles. The Inspector will dive into the room and leave no object unturned. When you hit a point when it seems like everyone is out of ideas, this is the person you can count on to have that ‘aha’ moment and save the day.

Not everyone can be a puzzle master or a champ at solving riddles. However, those skills do come in handy when playing an escape game. No matter the room you choose to take on – there will be hidden clues and puzzles that need to be solved. Someone that is quick on their feet and that can examine a problem from all angles is definitely someone you want on your team for this adventure.

Every team needs a good communicator that can quickly put together information and keep the rest of the team informed about everything that is going on. In an escape room, things can get hectic, and it’s easy for some details to get lost during the game. Someone that’s good at sorting information and relaying it back to the team will help to keep everyone on the same page so that the game runs smoothly.

Think that your cousin Ken will be a great asset to the team because he loves puzzle games? Is your coworker Erica amazing at listening to information and then relaying it back to the team? Are you the type of person who can take charge and lead a team to victory? Well, it sounds like you’ve already started putting together your team. Now, all you have to do is book an adventure at Escape Santa Fe!